Who We Are

Real People. Real God. Real Love.

Real People...People who call MFH "home" are real in every sense of the word. There are those who smoke, those who drink. Those who have tried every type of drug imaginable. Some have dealt with pornography addictions, some have been through bankruptcy, some have been abused.  We're not perfect, nor would we ever claim to be. But we're all striving daily to overcome our pasts, become more like Jesus, and spread His love and goodness throughout our world.


Real God...We serve a living God who genuinely loves and cares for us. At MFH we regularly see evidence that God cares about every part of our lives.  There are those at our church who have been healed of cancer, some who have had bills miraculously paid, and some who have been clarity and direction in their lives and ministries!

Real Love...No, guys, we're not talking about the mushy, lovey-dovey kind of love! Jesus commands us to "love our neighbors," and that's exactly what we do. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, we love you and want to share our amazing God with you! So come as you are and join us at MFH...you are welcome here!