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Let the children come

“Let the children come” – that’s what Jesus said!  “Let the children come” into the full knowledge of who they can be through Jesus Christ and in a place where they can practice their faith.   FaithWorks Children’s Ministry is a place where kids want to be.  A place they run to.  A place they beg their parents never to miss.

Our purpose is to teach children, first and foremost, to know Jesus Christ in a tangible and intimate way.  By reaching that goal, all other areas of their lives will come into line.

While traditional Sunday School can be effective at teaching children the to live for the Lord, we believe that church should be fun! That’s why we ensure that children enjoy themselves with games, prizes, and videos, all while learning about the love of Jesus.  We guarantee that your children will not be bored when they come to FaithWorks!